Power Generation


Dancomair Energy Services Sdn Bhd (previously known as Dancomair Fabrication Sdn Bhd), is a subsidiary of Dancomair Engineering, specialising on power generation solutions. We are specialist Generator set packager with in-house design & engineering capability and our own manufacturing facility to undertake all types of generator sets for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Marine, Natural Gas / Biogas Power Plant and General Industry’s applications.

Our focus is on understanding our customer’s requirements and propose a generator system design that meets the project requirement, cost efficient, smaller footprint and easy maintenance.



We provide standard and customised diesel generators, power rating from 50kVA to 3000kVA for General Industries, Oil & Gas, Marine, Power Generation and Critical Operations such as data centres, hospitals, airports and others. We also offer Zone 2 compliance packages for Oil & Gas applications.

We provide our customer with a wide range of robust quality engines powered by MTU, Cummins, Perkins, Volvo and MAN and reliable quality alternators from KATO, Leroy Somer, Marelli, Marathon and MeccAlte.

Please contact us for enquiry for our standard and customised diesel generator sets.



Dancomair gas engine generator sets powered by Cummins are design to run on most type of gas sources with low BTU (British Thermal Unit) gaseous. Engineered on principal of high efficiency, low life cycle costs and for our products to meet the clients’ needs and statutory requirements. Our products range from 250 to 2000 kWe, with customizable options to match your power needs and thermal efficiency.

With the organisation seeking for more sustainable, productive energy solutions, operators are turning to cogeneration systems – also called combined heat and power (CHP) systems – which simultaneously produce electrical and thermal energy from a single fuel source. Our products are engineered and customised to meet the power and thermal requirement to suit the operator’s requirements and needs.


Dancomair is a partner with Cummins Sales & Service for Biogas Generator Sets in Malaysia, focusing on SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority) related projects. We are recognized as the local manufacturer of Biogas Generator systems by SEDA, MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) and MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry). Hence, Clients who purchase our Biogas Generator systems can be entitled with the additional Bonus Feed-In Tariff (FiT) of RM0.05/kWh provided by SEDA for the approved FiT projects, subject to SEDA’s approval.
Below are the available Biogas Generator models with efficiency above 40%: –

No. Biogas Genset
Model No
Engine Model No. Power Rating
1 C2000N5C QSV91G 2000kVA, 2000kW 1.0PF
2 C1400N5C QSK60G 1400KVA, 1400kW 1.0 PF
3 C1200N5C QSK60G 1200kVA, 1200kW 1.0 PF
4 C497N5C QSK19 497kVA , 497kW 1.0PF
5 C329N5C QSK19 329kVA, 329kW 1.0PF

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