Petroleum Hazardous Liquid Storage Tanks


Dancomair Group specialises in turnkey solutions for fluid storage and handling. Leaders in petroleum, chemical and petrochemical storage tank manufacturing.

Dancomair Group offers a complete range of storage tank options, from self bunded (double wall) tanks, fire-rated tanks, shop-fabricated tanks, to single-wall above-ground tanks, vertical tanks, ADBLUE equipment, dangerous goods containers and Plasteel Elutron underground tanks.

We also provide fuel installations, maintenance and service plans for new or existing installations and retail fuel management systems, including NMI approved systems, fuel filtration systems and design and licensing for new fuel installations.


We offer provides single and double wall above ground storage tanks for Mining, Oil and Gas, Transport and Logistics, Power Generation, Retail (ie petrol stations) and Aviation nationwide. We can design, manufacture and commission a full range of these tanks, meeting the strict industry standards, and in a timely manner. We are UL listed and certified as a manufacturer since 2003.

Our product range includes the following: –

Key Features:

  • Designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements.
  • Multi compartment lube oil tanks available.
  • Complete fuel dispensing and management systems available.
  • Ideal for remote locations for stand-alone applications.
  • Suitable for petroleum, mining, marine, aviation and chemical applications.

Above Ground Single Wall Storage Tank™


Where space is not a limited factor, on-ground tanks are traditionally used for their initial cost, installation and maintenance benefits. Capacities range from 1,000 litres to 250,000 litres.

Self Bunded Wrap Tank™


Eliminates the need for complex bunding requirements and offer maximum cost effectiveness and versatility. All tanks are skid mounted, with standard tank fittings including over-fill and anti-siphon protection and come with a seven year warranty. Capacity range from 1,000 litres to 200,000 litres.

Self Bunded Container Wrap Tank™


Offers self supporting strength with the heart and soul of a round tank and the versatility of shipping container logistics. The CT container comes with bottom lift to avoid working at heights during loading and off loading. Capacities range from 10,000 litres to 70,000 litres.

Self Bunded Containerised HyQube Wrap Tank™


Complete with a containerised design and standard tank fittings including over-fill and anti-siphon protection. Eliminates the need for complex bunding requirements and offers maximum cost effectiveness and versatility. Capacities range from up to 45,000 litres for Class 3, PGII liquids and up to 110,000 Litres for Class 3, PGIII C1 & C2 liquids.Sea container twist locks.

Rectangular Self Bunded Storage Wraptank™


Provides a complete versatile solution to accommodate petroleum and petrochemical needs. Low profile tank that eliminates the need for complex bunding requirements offering maximum effectiveness and versatility. Available in S.F.L 7,000 litres and S.F.L 10,000 Litres.


We offer double wall jacketed tank compromises of a steel primary inner tank enclosed within a 360° fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) outer tank allowing a limited 30 year warranty against external and internal corrosion.

Key Features:

  • FRP laminate maintains a hard, seamless integrity when subjected to ambient temperature extremes and does not become brittle or soft below or above ground.
  • Aluminum foil provides a minimum clearance, free flowing 360° interstice.
  • Inner primary welded steel tank is manufactured to U.L. Listing requirements. It provides long term structural safety, incorporating compatibility to a broad range of products; including all motor fuels, heating oil, methanol, ethanol, alcohol and alcohol blends (M-85).
  • Non-corroding collar (optional) provides solid attachments for piping containment sumps.
  • Steel monitor access tube is welded liquid tight into steel tank. In the event of a breach to the inner or outer wall, the intruding liquid flows into the monitor access tube, which can be monitored by various options.
  • Capacities from 1,000 litres to 200,000 litres. Special configurations and multiple compartments available.




We can design manufacture and commission a huge range of unloading/ dispensing modules to suit our customer site requirements.

Key Features:

  • DPE Skid modules are able to work independently or remotely off our range of Self Bunded Tanks
  • Full range of options are available to be installed on the Skid Modules
  • Custom modifications are available as per design requirement which allow for a wide range of options and modifications compatible with most liquid storage needs
  • Available in Heavy duty and Light duty skid modules.