Dancomair  considers the safety of its staff and all personnel it interacts with as a beacon of importance in its business enterprise. Dancomair is commited to the welfare and safety in a team approach in all facets of daily business, be it travel or at the workplace, whether within the factory or workshops or at site. Safety is not just an expectation it is mandatory to achieve in an uncompromising educational and maintainable manner.


Dancomair is commited to deliver quality products and services to a high standard, all standards must meet or exceed the Malaysian Standards and those standards and specifications of our clients. he practice of a policy and processes is paramount to success and we achieve this with regular assessment, checking and calibrating of equipment and tools to become an integral part of a larger process. Dancomair is focused and effective in its commitment and invesment to deliver the best quality on time every time.


Our environment is essential to protect from degradation and action must be effective to improve environmental substance and quality. Dancomair is committed to improving its carbon footprint, to operating in a low carbon emissions manner, to protect and manage the environment and where damaged within its scope or the scope of others to offer solutions restore. Dancomair not only has a robust and effective policy as it performs its services but adopts a proactive practice to recycle, engage in the renewable energy sector and add positive outcomes to our country and all its environmental sensitivity.

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